Barney is home today

28 August 2008

I picked barney up from the veternarian this morning. He seems to be back to his normal active self. We have to keep him on a special diet for a few weeks and give him his medicine daily but hopefully the worst is over.


I know its only been a few hours but I’m already annoyed with my new theme. It seems that even though I have removed the Blogroll from my links and made my own custom categories it wont work with this theme because the text Blogroll is in the style for that div and not pulling from the actual categories. Guess I have to pick another theme before adding any more links.

Learning XSL

27 August 2008

Learning how to write XSL(XML style language). Im convinced it is one of those useless languages doomed to the trashheap but its the only semi reasonable way to get the desired result for the project i’m currently working on. I need to deliver a large amount of relational data from an application to a variable number of users in 5 minute intervals and display it in a user friendly way that isnt bound to any form or client application. So I’m going to deliver the data in xml and then write xsl sheets for different users as the need for them arises but for now, everyone gets the default sheet.

Blue Screen

27 August 2008

My laptop just crashed again due to a conflict with my VPN client and my wireless adapter. I’ve emailed the vpn provider many times over the last year because it happens everytime i forget to turn off the deterministic network enhancer driver after connecting to the work vpn over wireless from home. They never reply but maybe oen day they will. Until then I’ll have to watch microsoft prove that windows server 2003 is technically advanced enough to count backwards from 100 while displaying the page full of giberish about the same fatal error that happens everytime my computer queries wifi networks while connected through vpn at the office.

My new phone’s headset

27 August 2008

So a couple weeks ago I bought a used iPhone from one of my friends who wanted to get one of the new twice as fast, half the price, and ten times the hype version. I unlocked the phone on the 2.0.1 framework using WinPwn so I could connect on the local Bell network instead of an overpriced ATT contract and everything works great except once in a while it will get stuck in headset mode because pocket lint debris in the headset jack. I’ve found the best way to fix it is to run the headphone jack in and out a few times. Seems to me that the problem is partially due to the software though, I can’t imagine that my pockets produce more lint than other iPhone owners, so maybe Apple will address the issue at some point. Until then I guess I need to buy some canned air or a lint brush.

Theme change

27 August 2008

Played around with some of the std. themes. Decided to go with this one for now. We’ll see how long I like it. Also changed the name to something other than your name’s blog. Not a big fan of broadcasting personal information to the world so the more vague the better.

Barney is sick :(

26 August 2008

Barney wasn’t himself this weekend and hadn’t been eating his food so Susanna took him to the vet yesterday. He has pancreatitis and has to stay at the vet for a few days while they give him a fluid IV to help him back to health. He should be ok to come home tomorrow if everything goes well.

1st Post

26 August 2008

Setting up wordpress accounts for Susanna and I. Should make it easier to keep articles up to date in a blog format on our site. We’ll see I guess.