French Engineering: FAIL

24 September 2008

Once again the LHC is broken. This time it may be as much as 2 months to fix. It seems that the french are having a hard time preventing the helium coolant from flash boiling because they can’t keep consistent power on the magnets.

WHooo Whooooo, LHC fire team coming through!!!

I’m gonna lean back and take a nap, this thing won’t be running for years.

While the french are busy putting out fires on their multi-billion dollar mistake, we have a perfectly operational, American made super collider at Stanford thats been smashing particles for decades ( )

If anyone is interested, The Big Picture has a pretty good collection of hi-res images from the LHC “project” @ . Some of the images are pretty impressive looking until you consider that all that engineering doesnt actually work.


4 Responses to “French Engineering: FAIL”

  1. Greg said

    I thought you said you were going to mention that I was a genius for calling this in advance?

    You suck!

  2. pdoobs said

    french engineer? how worthless must engineers who are only allowed to work 35hr weeks and required to take two months vacation be? on a side note, i work for a french company, and we haven’t been able to contact one of our french warehouses in two months because they take July and August off. also i’ve heard estimates of six months before it will be ready to fail again.

  3. oakleyja said

    Greg, we all called it, you just repeated yourself more than everyone else;)

  4. oakleyja said

    Depends on when they can get in touch with their warehouses that are on holiday. Don’t worry once they get it to not catch on fire, they will have no trouble trying to contain the blast in the ATLAS observer. At least if that part explodes you’ll know why you cant get a hold of the warehouse.

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