Nothing to see here people. Move along.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. janie pyle said

    dig the shades! nice to know you are watching out! 😉 Magdalena

  2. susanna456 said

    We started our blogs at the same time, but yours has four times the hits as mine. Wow, you must be a really interesting guy! Or maybe I’m just really boring.

  3. Thanks for posting the story about my Secret Service debacle. I wanted you to know I have become a raging activist since then and I would love to have you join my group, The Founders Alliance.

    We are dedicated to restoring the Constitutional Republic through the actions of our State legislatures. The online community was only launched last week and we already have some projects going.

    On August 20th we will be having a nationwide news conference at the Austin Capitol where we will announce the names of state legislators who have signed our pledge to end federal encroachment. On September 17 (Constitution Day) we will be repeating the process with our National Delegation in Washington D.C.

    Please join up and register with your State group. We need bloggers on board!


    Jessica Hughes

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