I know its only been a few hours but I’m already annoyed with my new theme. It seems that even though I have removed the Blogroll from my links and made my own custom categories it wont work with this theme because the text Blogroll is in the style for that div and not pulling from the actual categories. Guess I have to pick another theme before adding any more links.


Theme change

27 August 2008

Played around with some of the std. wordpress.com themes. Decided to go with this one for now. We’ll see how long I like it. Also changed the name to something other than your name’s blog. Not a big fan of broadcasting personal information to the world so the more vague the better.

1st Post

26 August 2008

Setting up wordpress accounts for Susanna and I. Should make it easier to keep articles up to date in a blog format on our site. We’ll see I guess.